About Us

How Edmonton Roof and Gutter Services Work

Edmonton Roof and Gutters has the experience and the equipment to clean, reseal, re-slope or to add extra components to your eaves-troughs.

We can unplug your home’s eaves & downspouts and/or install 5 to 20 feet extensions to your downspouts to safely drain away excess water from your foundation, sidewalks & driveways.

We can also do minor maintenance repairs at a fraction of the average cost. The corresponding video shows such a service that is necessary. We also have access to full replacement depending on the shape of the your eaves.

Arnold - Handy GuttersOur Mission

Our mission is simple: We just want to make sure the water stays away from your properties’ foundations and outside walls as much as possible every time moisture runs down a roof panel.

Our Vision

We aim to keep our standard of 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. We strive for excellence in every job and we will not settle until you are!

Why Choose Us?

We save you money! Eaves-troughs and their components are repairable for the most part. These repairs will be way less costly than new eaves troughs. Edmonton Roof and Gutters can also repair minor soffit & fascia issues. We can repair asphalt and fiberglass roofs damages, and more at reasonable and competitive rates.

  • We are friendly, professional and respectful to you and to the space we work in.
  • We respect your home. We’ll take our shoes and our hats off inside your home
  • We install special elbow support on our ladders in order to protect your eaves toughs, and we move through your yard carefully.
  • Our guarantee and commitment to you is to give you our very best: the finest workmanship.
  • We consider you, our customers, the backbone of our business and realize that our continued success and growth depends on how we treat you and the work that we perform.

In 2020, AC Roofers and Handy Gutters merged with Edmonton Roof and Gutter Services. While we operate under a new name, you can expect the same level of outstanding quality we provide each and every customer.

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